What is Satdirectory?

Many of us living in Australia or New Zealand don't realise that each second our backyards are being bombarded by thousands of microwave signals. These signals are transmitted from satellites 37,000 kilometers above us in the cold vacuum of space. By capturing these mysterious microwave signals you can embark on an amazing journey of exploration.

Discover new people, customs and cultures. Watch foreign news and current affairs with a local perspective rather than a distant western vantage. Experience exotic music, language and an alternative view of life.

Technology now allows us to embark on a new virtual journey, welcome to the world of free-to-air digital satellite reception.

With a number of new satellites being launched for our region in 2008, the diverse choice of views, education and entertainment received by satellite will continue to expand at a phenomenal rate.

Satdirectory is a full multimedia catalogue of free-to-air signals available from major regional satellites to backyards in Australia and New Zealand. With six DVD video disks and the companion dvd-rom content, Satdirectory features over eleven hours of world television and fourteen hours of radio from hundreds of broadcasters around the planet.

It's now been some time since the release of the Satdirectory DVD Video, DVD-ROM and website. The last year has certainly been an exciting and very hectic time for members of the Satdirectory team.  The email we receive makes it clear that the Satdirectory project is filling a void for satellite television enthusiasts who are specifically interested in the rich variety of programing available via free-to-air satellite.

As we hoped, Satdirectory appeals to dish owners in Australia and New Zealand, but what was slightly unexpected was how many people had heard about free-to-air satellite television but considered it to be very technical, complicated and purely the domain of ham radio operators. MediaExplorer introduces us "regular guys" to broadcasting's fastest growing segment. Satellites are transcending territorial boundaries and offering fresh, original entertainment and viewpoints first-hand. MediaExplorer is the retail edition of the Satdirectory DVD set that has been optimised for those who are interested in exploring foreign media, virtual travel and thinking globally. MediaExplorer is now available at bookshops and our online store. Visit our new sister website www.mediaexplorer.org .
MediaExplorer - the new global media guide from the Satdirectory team is now available

Did you know that there are hundreds of free to view satellite television channels beaming into your backyard?
An inexpensive satellite dish is all you need to discover new people, customs, music and cultures.
Satdirectory is a online video catalogue of free-to-air television beamed from international satellites into Australian & New Zealand backyards. Launch the player help page, or take a short cut and head directly to the player at our multimedia sister site www.satdirectory.tv

SatDirectory Web Edition - Online Player
Radio Television & Hobbies - an extraordinary journey of discovery & technology from the Satdirectory team
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Satdirectory's Free-to-Air Satellite Media Guide is now available online at
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